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Forensic Economics

According to the National Association of Forensic
Economics (NAFE), forensic economics is the scientific
discipline that applies economic theories and methods
to matters within a legal framework. Forensic
economics covers, but is not limited to:

*  The calculation of pecuniary damages in personal
and commercial litigation.

The analysis of liability, such as the statistical
analysis of discrimination, the analysis of market
power in antitrust disputes, and fraud detection.

Other matters subject to legal review, such as public
policy analysis, and business, property, and asset

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation is the analysis of an
individual’s work and employment limitations as a
consequence of an injury.  Procedures to determine
these limitations include interviews to observe
attitudes and physical limitations, testing to determine
vocational aptitude, values, and interests, research of
educational and employment backgrounds, and review
of medical reports and records to determine specific
limitations and medical restrictions resulting from an
incident.  This evaluation may result in the
determination of alternative employment via a
transferable skills analysis or specific job search.

Life-Care Plan Evaluations

Life-Care Planning is a dynamic process which
addresses quality-of-life issues, long-term
comprehensive needs for patients and their family,
identification of medical complications resulting from
the injury, and analysis of non-medical issues such as
transportation or architectural renovations.  To
evaluate this process, life-care experts perform a
comprehensive assessment to include the review of
medical reports and records, and interview of the
plaintiff and family members, interviews with current
providers of medical care and ancillary services,
research of specific medical practices and costs, and an
on-site assessment of the individual’s home and living
environment.  The life care assessment outlines
medical needs of individuals, regardless of the
circumstances by which the needs arose.  

The TEAM Approach (FE, VR, and/or LCP)

The TEAM Approach allows us to provide any
combination of the three disciplines; forensic
economics, vocational rehabilitation, and/or life-care
planning in our report under same, or separate cover,
at the client’s request.  This unique TEAM approach
allows the client to save time and money while creating
a more comprehensive, correlated assessment of the
economic damages.

Forensic Accounting - Commercial Damages

Forensic Accounting analyzes, quantifies, and presents
the financial impact of a dispute to business or
corporation as it relates to a legal action.  Specifically,
the assessment of commercial damages arises from
complex business disputes involving business
interruption, fidelity, loss of profits, bankruptcy,
breach of contract, and valuation of businesses,
intellectual property infringement, and the
determination of financial motives with respect to
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